Pediatric ENT Doctor

Do you need a Pediatric ENT Doctor?

While many adults turn to an otolaryngologist if they are dealing with any symptoms or conditions of the ear, nose and throat, most people don’t realize that children can also benefit from visiting a pediatric ENT doctor. After all, children often battle a lot of the same conditions that adults do and when your child is dealing with painful or unpleasant symptoms your goal is to make sure that your little one gets the care they need right away to get their health back on track.

Here at Mid-South Ear, Nose, and Throat we are dedicated to providing your little ones with the quality, compassionate and tender care they need. We know that a doctor’s appointment isn’t always a fun trip, but our expert team ensures that your child will feel more like family than a patient when they step foot in our office.

So, when should your child visit an ENT specialist for care? Most children will experience at least one ear infection before they turn 3 years old. While older children can certainly tell you the symptoms they are experiencing, babies and toddlers cannot.

It’s important that if your child is displaying any changes in their hearing, if they have discharge or fluid draining from their ears, if they are fussier than usual or if they tug at their ears that you visit our otolaryngologist immediately for care.

Aside from ear infections, there are many reasons a child can benefit from having an ear, nose and throat doctor at their disposal. From hearing screenings for newborns to asthma and allergies to sports-related facial injuries and sleep apnea, there are many scenarios in which you should turn to a pediatric ENT specialist rather than a general pediatrician. After all, we offer thorough diagnostic testing to determine the root cause of your child’s symptoms and we can create an individualized treatment plan that will either speed up the recovery process or keep chronic symptoms under control.

Are you in need of a pediatric ENT Doctor?
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