Treating Chronic Sinus Infections
By Mid-South ENT
January 11, 2018
Category: ENT Care
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Isn’t it time you finally found relief from your sinusitis symptoms?sinus infections

While it’s not uncommon for most people to experience a sinus infection during their lifetime, particularly during the colder winter months, it isn’t as common for those symptoms to linger for multiple weeks on end. Our Memphis area otolaryngologist in Collierville and Germantown, TN, Dr. Sri Naidu, understands just how unpleasant and annoying a true chronic sinus infection can be. Here are your treatment options.

Those dealing with chronic sinus infections are just trying to find relief from inflammation and blocked nasal passages. Of course, our goal as your Memphis area ENT doctor is to also treat the underlying cause of your chronic sinusitis. There are several ways we can go about treating your chronic condition, including:


There are several ways this strong medication can be prescribed. It can come in the form of an oral medication or a nasal spray. The purpose of corticosteroids is to reduce inflammation and swelling. This is a great option for someone dealing with severe symptoms or for someone who also has sinus polyps. Since this medication is powerful, it’s only recommended for serious sinus infection cases.


During your evaluation, we will also determine whether the cause of your sinus infection is bacterial or not. If we do find bacteria present or if we aren’t able to tell whether your sinusitis is bacteria in nature, then we may prescribe a round of antibiotics to err on the side of caution.

Balloon Sinuplasty

Most people worry that if they have chronic sinusitis and can’t get the relief they need through medication alone that they will need to undergo surgery. You’ll be happy to hear that there is a non-surgical procedure that can be performed right here in our offices in Collierville and Germantown under local anesthesia.

There is absolutely no incisions or cutting involved in this treatment. Instead, a thin flexible tube (known as an endoscope) that contains a small, deflated balloon at the end is inserted into the nasal passages. The balloon is inflated, which opens up the inflamed nasal walls and the blockage, allowing pus, bacteria and other debris to finally drain. Once the balloon is removed the passages will remain open.


If no other treatment options or medications have been able to treat your sinus problem then we may need to resort to endoscopic sinus surgery to remove excess tissue or nasal polyps, which could be causing the blockage.

If you are losing the battle against your sinus infection symptoms, then turn to the team at Mid-South ENT in the Memphis area in Collierville and Germantown, TN, to get the care and answers you need to breathe easier. Call our office today to schedule your next appointment.